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Tax Loan Application Form

(Applicable to "Interest-Free" Tax loan and Personal Loan Under Tax Loan)

Tax Loan Application Form

(For Guarantor Application in Name of Company)

Revolving Tax Loan Application Form

Instalment Loan Application Form 
(Applicable to Instalment Loan and “60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday” Instalment Loan)

Instalment Loan Application Form 

(For Guarantor Application in Name of Company)

Balance Transfer Personal Loan Application Form

Mortgage Loan Application Form 
(Applicable to Prime-linked Mortgage Loan and HIBOR-linked Mortgage Loan)

Revolving Credit Application Form - Fixed Rate

Revolving Credit Application Form - Floating Rate

Decoration Loan Application Form

Education Loan Application Form

Professional Loan Application Form

Please read the following carefully before you retrieve, print or complete any application form on this website:

  1. If any of our application forms shown or appear on screen (the "Visual Form") is retrieved and printed and any words or provisions contained in such application form in printed format (the "Printed Form"), when compared with the Visual Form, are howsoever mis-spelled or omitted, please review the Visual Form carefully and to ascertain the exact words or provisions so mis-spelled or omitted.

  2. If there is any inconsistency, contradiction or difference of whatever kind between the Visual Form and the printed Form, the Visual Form shall prevail.

  3. Upon completing and signing the Printed Form, you shall be deemed to have read and understood the contents of the Visual Form and have agreed to all the provision contained therein and to have agreed and undertaken not to raise any objection whatsoever in connection with any inconsistency, contradiction or difference of whatever kind between the Visual Form and the Printed Form.

In the event of any conflicts or discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.


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