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Decoration Loan

To those who are seeking for quality of life, it’s easy for you to have a dream home. OCBC Wing Hang Credit knows what you need and helps you to create a comfortable home. Our dedicated customer service officers will follow-up your loan application.

● Smart Tip - Key Facts Statement, Terms and ConditionsReminders about Responsible Borrowing, “Decoration Loan Premium Gift Offer” Terms and Conditions, “Decoration Loan: Up to HKD8,000 Supermarket Cash Coupon promotion” Terms and conditions

New Customer who successfully applied and drawdown the loan to enjoy up to HK$8,000 rewards

Maximum loan amount: HK$1,200,000

Maximum repayment tenor:
60 months

Successfully draw down and receive free Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer HD08 (Vinca blue/Rosé) or redeem other products* at exclusive redemption price!

1. Dyson TP00

  Dyson Supersonic™

hair dryer HD08

(Vinca blue/Rosé)


Retail Price $3,680

2. Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Lightcycle™

Desk CD05


[Redemption Price $ 900]

 Retail Price $ 4,580

3. Dyson V8

Dyson V12

Detect Slim™

Fluffy vacuum

[Redemption Price $ 1,500] 

Retail Price $ 5,180

4. Philips ADD6911L

Dyson Purifier

Hot+Cool™ HP07


[Redemption Price $ 1,900]

Retail Price $ 5,580

*Please read “Decoration Loan Premium Gift Offer” Terms and Conditions.


Application Hotline :

Hong Kong


(+852) 2201 7800

North Point: 

(+852) 2201 7822


(+852) 2201 7799


Tsim Sha Tsui:

(+852) 2201 7900

Kwun Tong:

(+852) 2201 7878

Prince Edward:

(+852) 2201 7866

New Territories

Tsuen Wan:

(+852) 2201 7988

Tai Po:

(+852) 2201 7966

Kwai Fong:

(+852) 2201 7933

Notes regarding the Decoration Loan


1. Annualized percentage rate("APR") is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rates and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate. The APR ranged from 3.99% to 36% generally and the minimum repayment period and maximum repayment period is of 6 months to 60 months. APR is calculated according to the method set out in the relevant guidelines under the Code of Banking Practice issued by the Hong Kong Association of Banks as the basis. The APR has been corrected to 2 decimal places. If the loan amount is $1,500,000, the monthly flat rate for 12 months and 24 months is 0.093% and 0.129%, if the loan is approved finally by the Company, the APR for 12 months and 24 months is 3.99% and 4.98%, with a handling fee of 1% per annum included, the total loan repayment amount is HK$1,516,740 and HK$1,546,440. The loan handling fee is to be paid in full upon loan drawdown. The interest rate is calculated based on 365 days per year. Example is for reference only. The APR may differ with different loan amounts and tenors. For details, please contact our staff.


2. The promotion period of “Decoration Loan Premium Gift Offer” (“Promotion”) is from 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).


3. The promotion period of the “Decoration Loan: Up to HKD8,000 Supermarket Cash Coupon promotion” (“Promotion”) is from 10 March 2023 to 31 May 2023, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).


The above loan product and offer are bound by the applicable terms and conditions. Please contact the staff of the Company for details.


OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited (“Company”) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited. The Company is the entity which processes the application of the Decoration Loan and provides the loan and related services. Customers can submit applications through the branches of the Company and OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited. To enquire about the relevant terms and conditions, please contact the staff of the Company.


Before you make request for early repayment for Instalment loan, please refer to "FAQ" of this website.


For details or enquiries about the related terms and conditions, please contact us.


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