Personal Loan / Tax Loan Refinancing – Settlement of Credit Card Balance

If you are an existing Instalment Loan customer, you may make online refinancing request for settlement of your credit card payment by simply completing and submitting the form below and our Customer Service Officer will contact you to verify your refinancing request within one working day after receipt of your form.

Steps to take:
  1. Please read all the terms and conditions and declarations below and make sure you understand and agree with the same before completing and submitting this form.
  2. Complete the form below in block letters and click where applicable.
Press the Grey section to continue filling the application form
Fill in the following information
Fill in the following information
Are you, or is any of your directors, partners, managers or agents, or is any of your guarantors, one of the following persons or bodies, or a relative (including ex-spouse and cohabitee) of one of the following persons : director / employee / controller (i.e. either alone or together with any associate controlling 10% or more of the issued shares) of the Bank (or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates)?
Please state:
I/We undertake to notify the Bank immediately in writing if the information given above is no longer accurate, true and correct.
Please select whether this loan application is referred to OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited via a third party.
Third Party Information
Please input the amount charged (HKD)
I/We hereby declare, confirm and acknowledge that I/we have obtained the prior consent from the Third Party for its information (including but not limited to its name, telephone number, business registration number and licence number) to be disclosed to and used by the Company and/or OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited (the "Bank") for the purpose of this loan application and the Company and/or the Bank is/are entitled (but not obliged) to inform the Third Party that such information is provided by me/us.